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Nehemiah brought about tremendous influence and impact for his entire nation. His life modeled what it means to be a kingdom-minded person living under God's rule. We can increase our positive impact when we seek to apply the following three spiritual principles from Nehemiah's life. He was a person of faith, justice and perseverance.
Everything you and I have, or possess, has been given to us as a direct result of God choosing to do so. There is nothing that you have received that was not either created by God or created by things that God created. God produces each and every single thing. Because He does, He claims sovereignty over it all as well. He controls it. He is the consummate, penultimate, micro-manager. He is intricately, intimately involved in every single detail. He manages the universe and all of us in it to the highest degree possible. And if He weren't – if He would just take a moment to step back and not hold the universe in place, we would all be obliterated in an instant.